My Word For 2017 – UNCOMPLICATED

Photo by Peggy Nolan
Photo by Peggy Nolan

Every year around the end of December, I select one word or a phrase that will serve as my guide post for the coming year. In the past I’ve chosen words like:

  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Perseverance

These are good words and have served me well. In the past few months these words have become part of my new perspective:

  • Possibility
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Connection
  • Meander

In fact, I was called to meander for most of the last 3 months.
As I meandered, my mind wandered
and I had ideas and thoughts about creating something brand new,
Pathways To Possibility,
and low and behold,
I was following the same mold
and as I watched it unfold,
I fell in the same old hole…again.
And the definition of insanity clearly came to mind.

And then my website croaked
and my external hard drive broke

and I said fuck it.

I want ease
I want grace

I want to write
I want to paint
I want to crochet


The only person whose been complicating things is me. Monkey mind loves to complicate things. I am so done making things harder for myself. I’m so done being distracted by the next best shiny thing.

In 2016 I took on one outside project. In 2017 I’m taking on NONE.

I’m imposing my terms upon life and as God as my witness, these terms will be UNCOMPLICATED 🙂

Have you chosen a word for 2017? If you have, please share in the comments what your word is and why you chose it.