How I Uncomplicated My Life (and you can, too)

The more you complicate your life the more complicated your life becomes.

For a long, long time, I was the Queen of Complication. And it practically suffocated me.

5 ways in which I complicated my own life and how I uncomplicated it:

1. Clutter. Yup. From knick knacks to gobs of “important papers” I thought I needed to keep. Including somewhere between 600-1,000 books that needed important shelf space and quite frankly, became a huge weight every time I moved.

2. Taking on other people’s problems. For some reason I thought I had to either fix them, solve them, or hang on to them as if they were my own.

3. Financially stretching myself too thin. I once had $28,000 in credit card debt, a car payment, and a mortgage. Dreadful place to be.

4. Over committing myself. ‘nuf said.

5. Pursuing and chasing after what other people said I *should* be doing.

These were the 5 biggest ways I complicated my life. I was drowning in busy-ness and debt. I felt like a hamster in the proverbial wheel….going nowhere fast.

So, how did I uncomplicate my life?

1. I threw out or donated the clutter. And I make it a point to declutter at least every 6 weeks. Yup. Just purged a stack of those *important* papers, threw out old and broken Christmas ornaments and lights. And let me tell you how much I love my Kindle. (I still have about 50 resource books that have *keeper* status)

2. I learned how to differentiate between my problems and your problems and I don’t take on your problems anymore. Mine are enough.

3. It took a few years but I paid off *all* my credit card debt and paid off 2 car loans early. 5 months ago, my husband and I sold our home and *right sized.* We paid cash for our new home and no longer have a mortgage or any debt. Whew. Such a fantastically freeing feeling.

4. I learned a very important word…NO. And I know how and when to use it.

5. I stopped chasing after the nonsense. And there’s a lot of it floating around out there. I’ve created the life I want. Not the life the world keeps trying to shove down my throat.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to live a complicated life. The choice is yours. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll have to reach that boiling point when you’ve declared…ENOUGH.

I jumped off the crazy train. You can, too.


Peggy Nolan

Author: Peggy Nolan

Writer. Quote Junkie. Photographer. Yogini. Black Belt.

21 thoughts on “How I Uncomplicated My Life (and you can, too)”

  1. Beautifullll Peggy! Seems like I am the present of the former You in some aspects.
    I need to clear off the clutter and create space.
    Thank you so very much!

  2. Thank you for the reminder that all these things that so much of society call the American Dream are just what is holding us back from our authentic being and truly complicating our life. 🙂

  3. It has been wonderful to walk this path with you — we have simplified in some very similar ways. It’s amazing how much I love having the space to spend with people and projects I love — so much better than STUFF!!!!

  4. Appreciating this as it made me smile, Peggy: “5. I stopped chasing after the nonsense. And there’s a lot of it floating around out there. I’ve created the life I want. Not the life the world keeps trying to shove down my throat.”

    Nonsense makes NO SENSE! lol…but sooooo, true!

  5. This was the year I was going to purge and let go of a lot of stuff in my home. With the events that happened in April, I find letting go a bit challenging. When I am ready, I will bless and release. I love your guidance and will be saving this article for later reference. Until then, this momma is gonna hold on a little tighter to my ‘clutter’.

    Hugs & Giggles…

  6. Love your list of complicated and uncomplicated stuff…I found myself nodding in agreement through and through 🙂 I’m in the process of freeing precious shelf space by donating piles and piles of encyclopedias to the local school library. Its literally 25+kilos of books!
    I’m loving the new look of your website. Very open…very you 🙂
    xoxo, Z~

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