January Reflections

As January comes to a close I can feel the shift in my soul. Light is returning. Days get longer with every 24 hour rotation. Sometimes the sun feels warm.

I feel the shift in things I’m making. Winter isn’t my focus. We have a bumper crop of babies coming this spring to my husband’s side of the family. I also decided to make for myself. I’m excited about my cushion covers and can’t wait to share them with you.

(The start of my new cushion covers!)

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I’m excited about February. I’m heading to Kripalu this weekend for a weekend of intense learning and studying with Stephen Cope.

And the Super Bowl! I’m excited because my team is playing. Go Pats!!

I’ll be partnering up later in February with @teetimegolfblog to make more yoga for golf videos. I’m sooooo excited!! I’m also teaching yoga nidra at Hot Asana Yoga in Hampstead, NH on February 18 at 6pm. If you’re local, you don’t want to miss this awesome class!

And at the end of February I’ll be flying to Washington state to spend some time with my beautiful mom. My daughters will be joining me as well.

How has the first month of 2018 treated you? What are you looking forward to in February?

Wishing you all Peace, love, and prosperity in February!!