The Power of Pause

Sometimes it’s half a breath
or a whole breath

sometimes it’s 10 breaths
or a whole day

a week even

pausing gives you time to think
time to respond
time to remember

pausing gives you space
to adjust your schedule
to remind you
that you can’t be
in two places at once

pausing allows you to step back
and decline politely

pausing creates space
and space creates time

rest deep inside the pause
where there is no hustle
no hurry
no worry

pause. breathe. release.

(Peggy Nolan, The Power of Pause, November 3,2016)

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Author: Peggy Nolan

Writer. Quote Junkie. Photographer. Yogini. Black Belt.

14 thoughts on “The Power of Pause”

  1. Awesome Peggy.
    Pausing allows us to think, respond, remember, assess … it has such great benefits.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Yeah! Found it. I stopped at your event information.
    Connecting with ALL of this but especially:
    “pausing creates space
    and space creates time”

    And I am always seeking more time…now I will pause.

  3. Thank you for reminding us all of something that is under our control, our choice. We each can pause and take a breath, and another breath before responding, before doing one more things. My hope is that in your life today, you give yourself the same prescription. Pause, breathe.

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