You’re Invited to Master Your Midlife For Women on March 18, 2017!

Master Your Midlife for Women: A Half Day Wellness Workshop Cultivating Creativity, Clarity, and Connection I hear from so many women that they feel stuck, trapped, overwhelmed, and spread too thin with the demands of everyday life. I get this. I’ve been there. I remember having to-do lists that stretched into next year. I remember…

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The Magnificent Power of Art

I need to talk to you about art and creativity. I need to talk to about this painting I bought yesterday. I need to tell you why I bought it and what the artist, Jeanine Maes, said to me. And after I bought the painting and walked down Duval Street, I ran into my favorite…

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Releasing Myself From The Judgement of Others (and myself)

Art is practice. Creativity is practice. It’s not about right or wrong or good or bad.

It’s about showing up day in and day out.

It’s about remaining open to all the infinite possibilities.

It’s about being curious.

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The Definition of Insanity

Great googily moogily! When it rains it pours. Like I mentioned in my last blog post, my self-hosted website was trashed by hackers. They trashed it so badly that my website disappeared. Instead of the blue screen of death I had the white screen of death. Nada. Nothing. I couldn’t even get in through the…

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Save the Date! My First Photography Showing is Coming

To my friends and family, this is an open invitation to my first ever showing of my photography. My friends at Cask & Vine are hosting (and they’ve got the best beer and wine bar around!)   So what will be on display and available for purchase? Here’s a sneak peek:     All photo…

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